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One day culinary tours and Italian food classes

Availbale languages: Italian, English, German, Hebrew


Pizza making class
(3  hours)
€ 55 per person                           
Join our Pizza making class! Our chef (Pizzaiolo) will be happy to introduce you to the history of these Italian glorious creations! You will learn how to make tender, flexible yeast dough that stretches to almost paper-thinness, even the trick for a flavorful yet light tomato sauce. Even if you bake Pizza in your own oven, these techniques are universal and using them really makes a difference. You’ll make your very own pizza, it will be the best Pizza you ever tasted and you made it yourself! pizza class paestum
Pasta making class
(3  hours)
€ 85 per person 
 A journey into the preparation of the symbol of Italian diet: pasta.The dry and fresh versions will alternate with different fillings and combinations of sauces inspired both by tradition and fantasy.Either fresh or egg pasta, adapt well to many cooking styles or as a basic ingredient of Italian-style soups. These are some of the recipes that you will do in our cooking classes.
pasta class in italy
Limoncello making class + tasting
(2  hours)
€ 45 per person 
We start off the class with an informal talk on the quality and the history behind the lemons. Then it is hands-on: you will peel, mix and make the famous lemon liqueur. Limoncello cannot be left off the menu at the end of any meal in Campania. You can prepare it yourself at home without any trouble thanks to our special lesson. Every secret of this tasty Liquor will be revealed and shared with you. limoncello class in italy
Buffalo Farm tour + tasting
(3  hours) 
€ 45 per person

Itinerary to discover the buffalo mozzarella, with final tasting

Meeting at the production farm (transfer from the tourist facility on request) – Guided tour of the farm – Complete tour of the production of buffalo mozzarella – Final tasting
buffalo farm in italy
Street food tour + tasting
€ 65 per person 4 hours tour
€ 100 per person 8 hours tour
This half / full-day food, wine and sightseeing tour is designed for people that want to visit the main monuments and artworks of Campania and taste genuine traditional dishes and wine

Available in Napoli - Salerno - Paestum - Agropoli
street food italy

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